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Rules & Regulations
  1. All projects completed during the period 1st Jan 2016 till 30th October 2018
  2. A participant / Firm can submit MULTIPLE entries in all categories. Every submission shall be registered individually with a form & Reg. fees.
  3. The competition is open to any Design Practice consisting of proprietary concern, partnership firm, private & public limited company.
  4. The Certificate/ trophy will be issued only in the name of the Design Practice.
  5. A participant will qualify to enter only in the region in which his/ her design practice is situated & the location of the project being submitted will not be considered for above purpose for category 1 to 10.
  6. The signatory of the registration form is bound by the Award rules to attend the Awards Ceremony if his / her entry is selected as the winner / Runner up / Commendation.
  7. Any entry submitted earlier can be resubmitted provided it has not won any trophy/ certificate of commendation at Zonal or National level, provided its completion falls within the stipulated time mentioned in Rule 1
  8. Each entry must be submitted as outlined below:
  9. (A) Submission limited to 3 nos. A2 panels in portrait mode only. 1.5" wide strip to be left at bottom of each panel. Each Panel should be composed as below:
    • Panel No 1 should contain layout & relevant drawings & details with the USP of the project in not more than 150 words. The USP should be mentioned in top right hand corner of the panel.
    • Panel No 2 should contain project details**, client brief & response to judging criteria.
    • Panel No 3 should contain relevant colour photographs of the project.
    • Additional Panel on design process the practice follows (For Category 10 Only)
    • ** Project details - Size in sq.ft
    • Location – city name only
    • Project cost in Rupees
    • Cost / sq.ft in Rupees
    • Context – description of immediate surroundings.
    • any other relevant information.
    (B) The judging criteria are:
    • Originality / Innovation / Creativity
    • Functionality / efficiency & adherence to clients' brief
    • Contextual reference
    • Green Practices
    • Detailing / Use of materials
    • Sensorial & spatial experiences
    • Innovative adaptation of traditional / local crafts.
  10. Participants shall not mention Name of the interior work / project or Designer anywhere on the panel or on the sheets or in the photographs. The name should not be featured anywhere in the PPT presentation. Failure to do so will invite disqualification.
  11. All Entries can only be uploaded post online registration fee submission.
  12. Registration charges (Inclusive of GST)
  13. Early Bird till 28th December 2018
    • IIID Members : Rs. 500/- +GST=Rs.590/-
    • Non-members : Rs.1000/- + GST=Rs.1180/- + 3 yrs IIID membership Rs. 7316/-
    After 28th December 2018
    • IIID Members: Rs.1500/- + GST = Rs.1770/-
    • Non-members : Rs.2500/- + GST=Rs.2950/-+ 3 yrs IIID membership Rs. 7316/-
    All participants will receive a Yearbook containing entry of all Zonal & National winners including their Profile post 2018 awards announcement.
  14. In category 10 the Principal of the Practice shall not be more than 35 years of age on the date of submission.
  15. The Organizers / Jury reserve the right to transfer competition entries to an appropriate category, if found otherwise.
  16. The decision of the jury will be final and no correspondence in this regard will be entertained.
  17. The organizers / Jury reserve the right to withhold the award not deemed to meet the required standards in any category.
  18. All material submitted for the Awards shall become property of IIID and be deemed to have the necessary publication rights. It can be used for publicity / documentation purpose without further notification to or clearance from participants concerned.
  19. The Office Bearers of the National Executive Committee of IIID, the Awards Committee Members and others directly associated with the Awards are not eligible to participate in the competition.
  20. Names of all the winners / runners up / certificates of merit shall be announced at the Regional/ National Awards Ceremony.
  21. IIID will compensate travel cost to the winners/ runners up/ commendation for only one person in whose name the entry has been submitted.
  22. It is assumed that all information given by the participant is factual. If found otherwise, the entry shall be disqualified & any awards/ certificate, if given will be forfeited.
  23. Please refer the list to mark the Zone on the form.
  24. The Last Date of Submission of entries is 6.00 pm on Thursday, 24th January 2019.
Listing of Zones
Zone Z1: South Zone Z2: Maharashtra Zone Z3: Gujarat East & North Zone Z4
Any other cities in South India Any other cities in Maharashtra Any other cities in Gujarat Any other cities in East / North / Central India