Surat Chapter - 2021 Back

The IIID Surat Regional Chapter was established on March 6, 1999. Over the past 16 years the IIID Surat Regional Chapter has witnessed a number of activities of varied kind to foster and promote Interior Design Profession, Trade, and Academics. 

A few of the varied palette of the programs conducted by the IIID Surat are:

1. Audio Visual Presentation by designers of national and international repute
2. Exhibition of members work
3. Exhibition of Interior design materials
4. Conducting Design festivals
5. Conducting Technical Trips
6. Promoting awareness by talk shows and news paper articles
7. Organizing Fellowship events amongst the designers, trade fraternity and students
8. Organizing Workshops for members and students
9. Featuring Design Documentaries
10. Organizing Design Competitions
11. Organizing Sports
12. Celebration of Festivities

The activities of IIID Surat Regional Chapter have been recognized numerous times at the National level by being awarded the Best Chapter Award for a number of times in the last 16 years.