Bhopal Chapter - 2021 Back

The IIID, Bhopal Chapter is spellbound to announce its accomplished

Entry into the fourth year on January 20th, 2016. The Installation Ceremony in August 2014 in the presence of President Pratap Jadhav saw Ar. Kamalroop Singh as our promising chairman heading the IIID Team, comprising of dedicated and enthusiastic members including architects Hitendra Singh Raghuwanshi (IIID Secretary), Mayooree Saxena, Manoj Choubey, Navneet Munoth, Akshay Selukar (Past Chairman), Ajeet Lalwani. The rigorous and cumulative efforts of the IIID Managing Committee along with the indispensable presence and priceless contribution of its members has helped the young Chapter spread its wings and make its presence felt in the society large. Each initiative at IIID BRC is a step to forge ahead by constantly marking progress and growth of the Chapter, each initiative an attempt at rendering a new dimension to knowledge and community awareness along with giving a new exposure to our beloved city.

What better moment could be to revisit our dreams as a family as we all get armed together in true spirit for the National Convention.